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The Limousines – Call Me Al (Paul Simon Cover)

A well executed cover version of Call Me Al originally by Paul Simon which, let’s be abrupt here, is way better than their try at “Internet Killed The Video Star”.

The Limousines will hopefully drop many deliriously catchy electro-pop songs on the group’s debut album, “Get Sharp”.

“Considering that Victorino left behind a loud rock band to concentrate on his keyboard-centric duo with Giovanni Giusti, the sentiment expressed during “Internet Killed The Video Star” could be misconstrued as a statement of purpose. But if you’ve ever caught the band live and seen Victorino giving his drum-machine-playing bandmate a knowing look while delivering the song’s next line, “Don’t bother telling them that drum machine ain’t got no soul,” it’s obvious that The Limousines are working on a deeper level than your typical pop band. And they have a great sense of humor to boot.” Says the biography, well let’s just hope so !

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