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It’s true, today I’m 27. And to celebrate in style. Some of my mates have compiled a Hippie/Woodstock 60’s-70’s playlist to enjoy. And I’m sharing it here with you guys as a trowback SUNDAZE playlist. Just the bees knees if you want to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon ironing your shirts, reading the Sunday papers or simply enjoying the very little sunshine we have left. And gazing at the sunset on these last summery days… The choice is yours, play it loud.

Hopefully it’s a work in progress, so we’ll have plenty more to share in the future. Get some of those magic pills, stir that potion the right way, and enjoy the magic carpet ride with us. You’ll find some classic Woodstock material as well as some forgotten golden nuggets. It’s a brilliant playlist, I encourage all of you to download :

Or head on and listen to every single track below (in order), you can download tracks individually too.

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Thanks again for stopping by. Best, Ben.