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I’ve been hooked on this bloggers/web best kept secret for a few days now and can say I’m truly addicted. I won’t give you any details as of now, but be sure I’ll tip you guys off in due time. But yeah, to cut things short, I’ve been rolling in dope music for the past week and yesterday was no different when I came across Lorine Chia.

A twenty something Cameroon born R&B singer/songwriter that has taken this ‘new band, big future sound’ social platform by storm when she was added. And blogs are already starting to pick her up. So we thought we’d get onto the bandwagon and introduce her to you guys. It’s been on repeat all Sunday arvo here in Paris. To the point when Mother stormed the room to ask who she was and made a good point by saying she sounded a lot like late Amy Winehouse without the Mark Ronson bells & and whistles. Much like the FRANK era :

Listen to her debut mixtape Lorine below and grab a free download here.

Follow Lorine Chia on : Twitter | Soundcloud

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