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From Jack White‘s new hometown, comes a real catchy outfit named after a horse. Nashville, Tennessee, has been spitting out some very, very interesting bands lately. The scene is buzzing in a radical way it seems. It’s hard to gauge as I’m sitting here in Paris, France. But that’s the impression I’m getting. So COIN is no different. Comprised of Chase Lawrence on synth and vocals, Joe Memmel on guitar/vocals, Ryan Winnen on the drums and Zachary Dyke on bass duties; all together they form this rather interesting ensemble. Delivering catchy rock infused blip-pop to the masses with a hint of surf-pop. You better listen to their sound. You’ll be tapping your feet in a matter of seconds. I just dig their description :

This is COIN, and we are a product of the ’90s. We decided that everything was too serious; so, we started a new project. Some call it swirly indie party pop. You can call it what you’d like, but we just want to make music that makes you feel good. Whatever does that, yes. Formed in Nashville, TN.

download : COIN – Time Machine  download : COIN – Atlas   download : COIN – Honey 

“Honey” video :

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