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Rude has already made big waves over the past couple months. Most notably with the hit “Heartbreaker”. A high-octane meltdown with a great hook that’ll stick to you like you never thought, it had spread virally, like wildfire, amongst music blogs around the world. To quick domination of the Hype Machine charts and their almighty Top 10 tracks.

Today Love By Mistake, their creative label, has announced the immediate release of their debut EP and Rude’s first offering : ‘Winter’ EP. A four-track journey from the coast to his hometown of Birmingham. All done by train. Take a listen you will not be disappointed. We genuinely think RUDE will make pretty big sounds in the future. And would urge you to buy/listen to his stuff before he really blows out of proportion. You can thank us later of course.

Rude showcases a strong talent within the EP whilst introducing new songs; “Sapphire”, is the latest track to be dropped by the Birmingham-native. It’s as haunting as it can get, slow-burning track in fact. His R&B voice really shines on this song. and it’s our favorite of the four.

Get a load of Rude. He’s here to stay.

Buy Winter EP #001 now :

[button content=”iTunes” color=”purple” text=”white” url=”https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/001-winter-ep/id969543922″ openin=”_blank”]

WINTER EP #001 : out March 1st 2015 on Love By Mistake

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