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[dropcap letter=”I”]t’s a mixed mark of sadness and greatness when artists don’t (or can’t) upload their latest track to Soundcloud. Last August, South-African born, Australian-raised Troye Sivan first released “Happy Little Pill” and topped charts in over 66 countries. With a blend of the dream-pop and electronic genre, Troye was easily one to watch. The hesitation was: By popularity or talent? If the first song off his second major-label EP “Wild” is anything to go by: Talent is the answer. Hopefully his debut album won’t be another year-long wait.

‘WILD’ is an opening installment, a 6 song keyhole to introduce you guys to all of the music I’ve got coming in 2015.

– Troye Sivan, “Announcing My Album

It’s rare to see YouTube singers transition into music with the confidence and high-quality production that Troye has. 2014’s “Happy Little Pill” touched on the jaded emotions of the world-weary. And September 3rd;s release “Wild” was even more magical on the emotive scale: The tune convinces hard hearts to relive memories of their first love. Background vocals that chorus “Wild” echo like innocence lost, and there’s even a strange envy of teenagers who have the luxury to indulge in the angst of Troye Sivan‘s simple but effective lyrics. Take a listen to the made-for-repeats song below. This music video is only Part 1 of the “Blue Neighborhood” series, but the 6-track audio pleasure is available on iTunes here.

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