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Leave the obvious pun aside, Humans are a pretty new and pretty convincing Vancouver duo making some heavy dope since June 2009 and pushing right where it needs to be these days : in all your earholes. So fine in fact, that we didn’t think twice after our first listen and featured it here on Sodwee.com no questions asked…

A clever mix of genres in that 9 minute long bender. From indie dance, to deep house and electro. Think of it as a liberated Bob Moses, a sort of Canadian reaction to australian show-stealer Flume. Humans manage what few can achieve, send feelgood vibes through sound waves, get you hooked on them and have you grooving heavily thereafter. And well, they got nominated Juno’s Best Electronic Album for it… And their tour really looks likes a never ending OneDirection mega schlep now because of it… Follow them at their online estates and get to know them rest of the world. They’re bound to be huge.

Humans new Water Water EP will be out March 4th via Mom + Pop Records !

[title maintitle=”PASSPORT” subtitle=”Some other tracks from Humans”]

Some thoughts on Water by Humans :

Water Water is a song we’ve been singing on our way to the beach since 2009. We took it to the studio and ended up totally redoing it, but keeping a couple interesting melodies and refrains. Whilst in the studio our approach for this song was to layer things using analogue synths and recordings of us clapping until we had something that felt good and smooth and groovy to us. We think this tune shows a more chill side to us, but it definitely reflects something that’s always been there in our personalities. We both like it when our favorite artists change up their style from record to record, so this is the next step of our progression as artists.

And Humans, it’s the blog’s birthday this year, 10 years providing the best music in and out, close and far out ! We do really absolutely dig that bomber jacket of yours, can some merch-table wizard send us a unit ? in small size pretty please ?? We would totally rock this outfit in ALL OUR OUTINGS here in Paris, France… Plus it rains a hell a lot around here we could defo do with water-proof swag … You get my drift, I’d be happy to provide some delivery deets of course…

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