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Click to Buy “Endless Love” digitally via Bandcamp…

We didn’t expect what you’re about to listen to. A complete surprise by Dan Rico. A solo debut ‘Endless Love’ with enormous potential for chart topping success. Hailing from Chicago in the United States, this LP is out via Shit In Can Records (a label based in Annecy, France) and via Maximum Pelt for the USA.

Rico’s ‘Endless Love’ holds some true timeless pieces, and our favorite “Smoking Curls” bringing back fond memories of some Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger-esque times. Brilliantly clever songwriting and production value are on showcase here and coherently run throughout the lenght of the album. It’s a self-produced effort and commends our admiration really. From true throwback moments on “Casual Feeling” & “Endless Love” to some R&B licked lines on “Dangerous” reminding us of Prince’s eighties period. But Dan Rico himself puts it so well :

Sure to make your eyes wet and your heart sing, your fist pump and hips shake, ‘Endless Love’ condenses the last 50 years of pop and punk music into a delicious, low-calorie, nostalgia-laden package.

Dan Rico plays in a couple outfits (EGO and MAMA) and we sincerely hope the lad comes over from the good ol’ US of A to play some place in Paris sooner rather than later. Make sure you buy a copy of his album on Bandcamp (vinyl record available here : USA / EU) and follow his musings on social media (details further down).

If there was one note I could possibly come up with, it’s that cover art. WHY ? HOW ?? The album deserved a far better design and attention to the cover art in my humble opinion. But hey, only the music inside counts so we’ll go with it.

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[title maintitle=”PASSPORT” subtitle=”Some highlights from the ENDLESS LOVE album”]

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