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Looking for a track to unwind this evening? It’s frickin’ Friday, and you’re over this week like tomorrow is the end of the world? Indulge in the latest Nordic newcomers Jimmy Smash from Oslo, in Norway. Their chill blend of R&B/soul and easy-listening magic will soothe your pains and have you smirk again. Brought to you by the Norwegian duo Håvard Lyngstad (vocals) and Mikkel Guttormsen (production).

The debut track is titled “Macadamian” and comes complete with a virtual gin & tonic, huge ass comfy sofa and plush plaid covers to just nurse that drink of yours in complete oblivion. It’s mid October already and it is miserable out there. Getting colder by the day. I wish we could fast-forward in time and be over it already. Alas, no but you can’t blame us for wanting to make things a little easier on ourselves. That’s where Jimmy Smash comes in. The pair make a good tune sound even better with sultry, smooth vocals to boot. Get a load of this music right now, these guys are here to stay:

Jimmy Smash explains the track:

It is important that every listener is free to interpret the song the way they want. We intend to challenge the pop music of today.

For fans of Dornik (read ITW…)…
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