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[columns_row width=”half”] [column][dropcap letter=”F”]or those of you you who’ve seen Jessie Ware on tour lately, you’ll have probably noticed the drummer she had with her looks like Dornik. Well she find out that he sang pretty well and encouraged him to front and open for her on her on tour. Turns out Dornik was due to perform at this years’ Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris. Last week in fact. So we pushed and made sure we got our intrepid interviewer Sophie on the case. Read on for plenty of nuggets, his first encounter with music, his influences and what rocks Dornik‘s boat this week in the interview we scored with the soul, funk and R&B opener of the 2nd day [Friday] at #P4Kparis…[/column] [column]
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DORNIK’s self-titled debut album is out now via Island Records

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Watch the very latest music video for “Strong”. A high-octane burst of funky color on an otherwise beautiful Monday :

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Interview by Sophie. Live Photographs by Sophie Jarry.

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I guess today was your first concert in Paris, did you enjoy it ?

I really did. I love this festival, I played here a couple of years ago with Jessie [Ware]. We had a really good time !

There’s definitely a 80’s vibe in your music : Soul, R’n’b, Funk. What do you like about this type of music ?

It’s the music I grew up with. My parents used to listen to this kind of songs. I sort of grew a natural love for it.

Since you’re talking about childhood, what is your first musical memory ?

It has to be Michael Jackson ! Remember the time, the music video.

You mentioned Jessie Ware. In a way we can say that you have a very beautiful and talented godmother ! How did she help you ?

(laughing) She asked me what else I did apart from playing the drums and I told her that I produced some stuff and she asked me to send her some demos. She thought it was wicked and asked me « who’s singing ? » and I said « it’s me ! » (laughing) She started to get me to sing on tour with her.

It sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale ! (laughing) Being a drummer you’ve always faced the audience while being kinda hidden by a singer. How does it feel being on the front line ?

It’s a big step but it’s exciting ! I’m learning something new at every show.

You’re not playing the drums anymore on stage.

No, not anymore. I still want to play like in a studio and maybe incorporate some of it into live shows but right now I’m just focusing on the performance.

Do you feel close to other drummers who went through the same experience like Georgia or Fabiana Palladino ?

Fabiana is a very good friend of mine ! She’s amazing.

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Dornik – Stand In Your Line (Jungle’s Edit) :

“He’s got a very interesting time signature and his songs are catchy.” – Dornik on Sting…

Since we’re on a festival, do you intend to see other bands today ?

I really wanna see Thom Yorke. I didn’t get the chance to see Rhye but I saw them before, they were really great. I definitely want to stick around and see some acts, it’s the perfect place to find new bands.

If you were in charge of a festival, what would be your perfect line up ? You can choose someone dead because I know what you’re going to say !

(laughing) Michael Jackson, Prince, The Time, Kendrick Lamar, The Internet which is a great band from America, The Roots and Di Angelo. And Sting ! He’s very musical, he’s got a very interesting time signature and his songs are catchy.

Finally, Sodwee standing for Sound Of The Week, what would be YOUR sound of the week ?

There’s a guy called Phil Beaudreau, he’s an amazing artist from America.

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