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Like the first single ‘Porcelain’ Skott dropped last year, the track ‘Glitter & Gloss’ towers through the clouds in grandioseness and parades there like all your senses were stuck in the midst of a Brazilian carnaval, not knowing how to comprehend the event unfolding before your eyes. It’s quite the opposite of her shy stage presence at her shows. You wouldn’t think she holds such a compelling and powerful voice inside. But when she does belt out, you can really appreciate the work in its full dimension. It’s impressive, measured and the instrumentation only takes the lyrics and vocals to another planet.

That’s what Skott delivers on her new track ‘Glitter & Gloss’ and we hope she feels a little more comfortable next time she’s in Paris for her show. To which we have also secured a pair of tickets boys & girls. Enter our free giveaway below :

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