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Launching via CHESS CLUB & B3SCI record labels, Skott drops the angelic debut track “Porcelain”. The very first track she puts forth for us to discover… Skott has had quite the atypical upbringing. growing up in a forest commune by a collection of ‘of-the-grid’ folk musicians around a small, close knit and very supportive community. Miles away from any sort of modernist, individualistic civilisation.

Porcelain by Skott is available for Pre-order now via Chess Club & B3SCI

This also mean’t Skott didn’t actually hear, or get her first modern encounter with today’s contemporary music and modern world until she went to the nearest bustling city in her mid-teens.

Skott says of Porcelain:

The most precious things take time and care to build, but take only a fraction of that time to destroy or break. Porcelain is about how you can spend limitless time creating something – trust, for example – but you can also let it fall to the ground in a second.

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