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Being fervent supporters of Melis over time and seeing her lyrics and music echo through the Parisian air cements our belief in the talent pouring out from Berlin-based Melis. She previously impressed a number of music blogs including ours with debut track “Love Song Idea” and brilliant follow-up “Flower” that mark the start of a fledgeling career for the once half of Brighton-based duo IYES. Melis, is an artist with an amazingly pristine voice and carefully penned lyrics that you cannot get away from once you hit play. “Holding Hands” is the lead single from Melis’ debut EP ‘Parallels’. In Melis’ classic storytelling fashion, this new track is a honest tale of a one-sided relationship. She explains:

When things go wrong, you tend to try and save what’s left by putting the other person first to yourself, and ultimately forgetting why you were in the relationship at all.

Also check out the video (above) directed by Luboš Rezler and cinematographer Filip Marek in Melis’ hometown Prague. Another beautifully executed piece of art that tell the story of a young girl who struggles to fit into a dystopian, near-future society. The resulting video elevates and contrasts the meaning of the song by focusing on the relationship with ourselves as opposed to others.

“Holding Hands” is out now. The limited edition Parallels EP is available for preorder via Qrates.

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