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Just practicing my extensive arabic skills here. Wanted to post some great little discoveries I stumbled upon this evening before I go to bed. You will love these. We have two different covers for this sample pack as we couldn’t make up our mind on who to feature. Beth or Elly ? La Roux or Beth Ditto ? We decided both had to enjoy such privilege. We do have, however a little penchant for the BETH DITTO material these days. Make sure you play the crap outta Richard Hawley’s album ‘Coles Corner’, cause it’s grey outside, people are miserable, and the general consensus these days on the subway is : “For Christ Sake, don’t get me started, or my boot will meet your face earlier than expected [pause, look at your feet long enough so the twat understands clearly the implications of having such behavior on public transportation] – prick !

You get my drift…. Let’s move on…. Here are the hottest tracks I could compile into one emeff sizzling bundle.
[download id=”303,304,305,306,307,308,309,310,311,312″]

Get the [download id=”313″] Anyway, I’ve also got myself a brand new swivel chair and chrome desk and I think their THAT awesome I must admit I felt the need to drop a few words about them here. In fact it would be better if I had pictures to show the world… NO SHAME AT ALL…. count to three – 1, 2… that right I have pictures :

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