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From the beating heart of the British capital, comes a soft pulsating musical duo founded by Sarah Stanton and Joe Dworniak about to release a new EP titled ‘INERTIA’. A record you could safely have sitting in between Morcheeba’s brilliant “Charango”, Portishead’s “Glory Box” and HAELOS self-titled debut. A clever blend of trip-hop electronica, alternative rock and downtempo music with alluring vocals on offer throughout the four-track collection you can blindly start to play right about now (see further down). I especially dug the consecutive playback of  “INERTIA” and “That’s For You”. The two-track mesh perfectly together and showcase a wide range of skills and clear production value along with tight lingering vocals. Reminiscent of those Glory Box days. It’s the perfect sound to unwind to after a day of hard work at the office, gin and tonic in one hand and the other shading your eyes from the sunset sun you’re blissfully basking in right about now.

Formed in 2016. The name was chosen idealistically as an identity for the songwriting duo. NothingAboutMe manages to catch your attention and dip your senses in their prolific sound. Resulting in a pleasurable 4-track EP I strongly suggest you play all the way through.

Says Sarah Stanton about the EP:

I always had the desire and commitment to make music but had been governed by self destructive patterns, finding ways to avoid releasing music, whereas Joe had an amazing history of writing and producing records that got released.

INERTIA EP was released Friday 13th July via Label Riverfish Records

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