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If you thought things got steamy, hot and sticky with the current weather. Things just got THAT much hotter. Temperature soaring past the bearable in fact. Thanks to Black Atlass‘ new album “Pain & Pleasure” and its sizzling collection of tracks to be dissected.

Black Atlass is the Canadian XO label recent signee (The Weeknd’s own label) is out to take the world by storm. And, huge, phat one at that. Something only his contemporary – and now boss – The Weeknd managed to achieve with its first career launching releases, early on in his career. With “Pain & Pleasure”, Black Atlass drops a whole new meaning to the word steamy. Every track is a hit in the making if you dig early Weeknd material. If you like to shower or pick your night’s outfit with music on full blast and singing along with the slightest care in the world. This album is made for you. Aside from featuring in a number of Saint Laurent, Vuitton and other high-fashion ads. Black Atlass makes a name for himself on the actual intelligent songwriting he puts forward here. From end to end. It’s witty, clean-cut and works wonders with the lush production and instrumental work on offer.

Through the pain, you noticed me
You gave me somethin’ to believe
Lovin’ you is all I need
But I can’t have it all

He is set to take 2018. Buckle up ladies, gents. And gasp in awe, listen to the full-length album “Pain & Pleasure” out now via XO Records:

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