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Sorry for posting so many things today, but everytime I come across something worth the publics’ ears, I think I should share it. You’ve probably heard sensational M.I.A.’s album “Kala” last year, with lead-track named “Jimmy”. You know that hindu-indie-80’s kind of sound with indian dancers and all that. Well, we have a sister ! She’s from Brooklyn and she actually brings a fresher side to what MIA does already nicely. Backed up by many star DJ & producers such as Switch, Sinden, Diplo, Spank Rock et Radioclit, Santogold might just be the big 2008 breakout. At least, here at Airboy, we thinks.

But how would you describe her music ? It’s a brilliant mix between 70’s reggae, 80’s punk and 90’s Hip Hop. The best thing now, is for you to listen, and that’s where we come in handy :

Santogold – Shuv It (my favourite right now)

Santogold – Creator


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Thanks again for stopping by. Best, Ben.