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After thinking of it for a few minutes (no more) I decided to upload some footage from the past months, thanks to Youtube you can now view snippets of life as a Cabin Crew for Emirates. As you’d expect, it’s in Full HD with pristine sound…. or not. But hey gives you something to watch after Desperate Housewives right ?! In the very very very near future, I’ll be the proud owner of a brand new MacBook Black edition, I’ve been waiting long enough and my iBook G4 has done me good. Still runs but he needs a good old rest ! So, as soon as I drop my stuff at the hotel in Singapore, I’ll be out to Wheelock Place where a brand new iShop has open and that’s where I’ll buy my machine, cheaper than anywhere else (except china maybe). And with the new MacBook comes fitted an iSight camera, enabling me to video-conference with MotherOfSodwee, FatherOfSodwee & BrotherOfSodwee back home. Should be interesting. No wonder I’ll record some of the conversations to share with you! Mother is such a laugh when it comes to deal with technology !

airboy tv set by sodwee

I’m also in the process of scripting (that’s a big word) some mini-episodes of things we, cabin crew, do in Dubai. So stay tunes and I’ll let you know when to switch AirboyTV on and appreciate the new content. Although it’s meaningless, you might get a kick out of it.

  1. Hey!! that’s the kind of nightlife that you usually have?? Nice..where was that?? Is that Dubai??
    I’m very interested. I will join Emirates next month and just taking a look of my near-future new life..

  2. Good flying, always _ :: thanks for your videos _ interesting point of view from cabin crew of emirates, because two cousins work for air france, toulouse and bordeaux.

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