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I couldn’t update you guys from Bangkok because I was running out of time. So all I did was post a video. I’ve had a great time there. The flight over was easy and short. That’s what’s good about those less than 8hr flight layovers : leaving you nice a fresh ready for some action once you arrive, unlike my Sao Paulo one. Deplaned fine and reach the hotel after a 50 minute ride on a very joyful bus, I recall. The windows were orned with pink curtains, nicely put together with flower neckleces and all sorts of Thai bling. The crew was really nice, we organised a dinner out round the corner from the hotel in a Thai restaurant. Ate some tasty chicken, beef and spring rolls. By the time we had finished I was ready for bed. I forgot to mention that we faced a downpour of rain the whole way through. It chucked it down buckets full. Monsoon like. Some of the crew went for foot massages before hitting the sack. But all that food got me sleepy.

The next day, the weather was far more appropriate for sightseeing. But Bangkok is big, I didn’t know where to start so I boarded a Tuk-Tuk or Rickshaw, a very fun way to ride from A to B. Loved it so much that I hoped on a few other… haggling the price each and every time. I think it’s a better way to see the city than being sat in a horrible looking PINK taxi. The thrills you get from such a ride are great, they speed like mad, break like mad and still manage to keep them metal things on the road. At one point he had to refill his tiny tank, so he told me in an approximate english : “Hey buddy I need gas, gimme two minutes”, I was thinking in a Parisian way and told to myself that it would take around half an hour for the guy to refill his tank but no, 30 seconds later, KHALAS, yala, he hopped on and away we went !

He dropped me off at MBK avenue which is a big shopping mall central Bangkok. It was Sunday and I expected a deserted place. Little did I know. The place was heaving with locals and tourists. Stalls and little shops spreading over 5 floors. I spent around 45 minutes in there and shot out. Nothing special apart from fake, ugly looking D&G bags, fake Diesel tees and fake iPhones !

Hopped on a Tuk-Tuk again and headed back for some rest at the hotel. Check out the few pictures I took :


  1. hI bEN,
    Nous sommes arrives a Liberia, pour 2 jours. Tout se passe tres bien, nous venons de voir des crocos, …..
    L’ambiance avec les autres personnes est super.
    Les volcans sont impressionnants.
    Passe le message a Nicky SVP car c’est dur d’avoir un acces internet facile et surtout avec le clavier espagnol, j’ai du mal a taper les bonnes touches et trouver arobase.
    Gros Bisous de Mum.

  2. Now I could have imagined things, but was it you that I saw on the crew bus this morning, sitting at the back, iPod and shades on? Sorry I didn’t say hi, wasn’t entirely sure it was you…

    Hope you had a good flight anyways, I for one am in great need of some decent rest 🙂

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