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You pretty sure, on a day like Saturday, that most undecided crew will head to Zulu India November Charlie a.k.a. Zinc for a cheap night out. Well, not to upset the trend and be a total moron, Airboy followed the masses to this notorious bar/club at around midnight only to discover they had salsa going on. Thankfully enough, by 12pm they had some okay music going on with a dude going totally insane on the congas. The beat was pumping. The club filled in quite quickly.

rodriguo @ airboy.sodwee.com

At one point in the ‘soiree’ Rodriguo (above & below),  a really friendly chap came up to me and said ” Are you Airboy ?” I replied, “yes you’re right, that’s me” and he followed on saying he loved the blog and that it actually helped him apply for Emirates and that he followed my boring adventures around the world on a daily basis. Well all I can say is ‘Keep on reading my friend’ and BIG-UP to you and your friends !! Here is a picture of him on the far left with his friends… I am sorry in advance for not recognizing you…

Rodriguo @ Zinc on saturday, on airboy sodwee

The funny thong about ZINC is the crowd there. It’s a really good mixture of crew members, some more crew members and finally even more crew members. It feels like being on a 777-300 packed with off-duty staff going to Ibiza. Anyways, this is why I like this place so much, it’s not about the music, not about the people working there, it’s about the people you meet there. Also, owner of the ZINC, please train yout bar staff to make decent marguaritas, cause Nivine, my fellow french mate nearly puked on the first sip ! Check out the pictures of the night below :


  1. You just *had* to include pics of Maccas in there. No trip to Stink is complete without the late night Big Mac chowdown.

    BTW, simply because you requested it, I’m working on some new posts right now 🙂

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