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That is Zinc as per my fellow neighblogger Melissa likes to call it. R’n’B night yesterday. Not too much of a brain knocker but was ok enough to get in the boogie, with the help of mother Heineken. The lights came up too soon so we had to think quick before our party mood was to decrease. So we indeed acted quick and jumped into a taxi from Crowne Plaza and swoooooshed off to some place behind the airport, very near to the Sharjah fence I guess. The landmark was called Razooki. That’s where they’ve put the new joiners just after they filled Sheik Zayed Road buildings. God it’s no man’s land over there. I’m glad I’m living in the oldest building in Sheik Zayed ! Anyways I’m off to buy a new iron cause the other didn’t get along very well with the Ironing board, it metled the synthetic thingy covering the actual frame of the board… Nothing too exciting I know. So I’m off to LIFCO for some much needed shopping. I HAVE TO iron those uniform shirts before my KUL trip tonight at midnight ! Voila, enjoy the pictures below



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