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I was impatient to fly over to Kuala Lumpur this month. It was part of my top ten destinations I was eager to get hold of. I really like Asia. The food, the people, the atmosphere is completely different. You only realise this when you mix with the crowds in busy streets or districts like Bukit Bintang (a thriving part of Kuala Lumpur), and get your hands all greased up eating something you have no idea what’s in it but still tastes divine. The hotel we crashed in was right bang in the center of the city, with breathtaking views of the Petronas Towers. Lit up at night, these mega structures look absolutely unreal. A little on the Star Wars side I must admit (check out the pictures below). But before discovering the city we had to work, reward always comes after. Got myself all prepped up for the flight and ten minutes before leaving home (that’s Dubai) I checked my roster again to make sure my timing was puuuurfect for the pick-up. And to my surprise, I figured out that on the way back I was to be deadheading. Meaning I was payed to sitback, enjoy and relax for the entire KUL – DXB sector. How badass is that my friends ?? The fact I was deadheading along with the rest of the crew is because Emirates added an extra flight that day to cater for increased demand. Remember it’s peak season here in Dubai, everyone flees the scorching temperatures to find enjoyable weather elsewhere. So usually we get to fly business because, nonetheless, we’re still on duty. But unfortunately for us, the flight was chock’a’block and we had to take our seats in economy – duh. Nevermind, I managed to sleep enough, watch movies and eat a few biscuits.


Ok, so Kuala Lumpur is an amazing city, I think I’ve said that already. The skytrain is a must do, it’s not as thrilling as I expected but very convenient to scout around. Cheap, dead cheap also. I wanted to walk across the skybridge of the Petronas Towers but they only issued tickets for a visit that would take place a few hours later, leaving me with no option but to take a picture from the ground. In any case, at that time clouds were blocking the views so I didn’t feel too guttered. Instead I walked around the city, with rain pouring down the whole morning, but after being in the desert for 5 months now, It came as a blessing. The smell of rain on asphalt is something I’ve missed. So I was happy with a smile on my face the whole time. I was looking for a military surplus shop which I finally found near the McDonalds in Bukit Bintang. It didn’t sell much vintage stuff though, so I grabbed a few goodies for a mate back in Paris. On I went to check out the new mall called Pavillon. All kitted out with white spotless marble floors and glass roof. Amazing place.

By that time I was feeling pekish so I grabbed something off a stall on the corner of a street, it was some kind of chicken, I won’t be able to describe the taste of it, but believe me I dribbled. Now I was ready for some sleep so I headed back to the hotel, hooked up the laptop, answered a few emails and got some music playing to get my brain some sleep. By 9pm, the wake up call blasted through my ears – yes the telephone was right next to my head – I jumped. Got a shower and got ready for my easy flight back to the sandpit.

  1. I so love KL. I spent 3 years there growing up as a child and have very fond memories. I’m pissed that my airlines doesn’t fly there anymore -( Maybe I should apply to work for EK instead .. you guys have AWESOME destinations!

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