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MotherOfSodwee / Vivienne Gill @ sodwee.airboy.com

This is kind of old, but still makes it in my top ten funniest video to have surfaced since 1996. There’s actually two of them of which you can crack up to just below. You will recognize a very famous actor (one of the most paid as a matter of fact). Mister Ferrell. And my parents have just returned from their journey deep into the jungle. They’ve brought back some good stuff as well as brilliant pictures. Be sure to check out the selection I’ve compiled for you today. As promised MotherOfSodwee is knocking up a little rant about her holidays and will post it as soon as she finds the “enter” key on the keypad, but this might take quite some time. Stay tuned in the next few days as we post some juicy content….. more on this laterzzzz.

And the long awaited pictures from my folks’s vacation :

  1. ok monkey the text is in the mental process at time of speaking will send off final version tomorrow…….bisous…..baci…….mi amore

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