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Songs that DO NOT & WILL NEVER make it to my iPod but somehow managed to squeeze in this week’s top played tracks on my laptop. [eyes look down in shame].

  • Leona Lewis – Better With Time } I don’t know what happened with this one but I admit I had to listen, I mean come on, the hottie girl is on top of the charts at the moment how can I not listen to her.
  • Lil’ Wayne – Lollipop } Just because the lyrics are so carefully picked.
  • Infernal – From Paris To Berlin } It’s my alarm clock tune, and YES it IS a valid excuse.
  • Muse – New Born } This band is actually a BIG NO GO anywhere near my devices, but this song matches perfectly the daily walk down Sheikh Zayed toward LIFCO (supermarket).
  • Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive } No excuse what so ever. I apologize, my speakers are now fighting back.
  • Shola Ama – You Might Need Somebody } One Hit Wonder, felt nostalgic.
  • Vengaboyz – We’re Going To Ibiza } Erm, this is probably the worst one. I think I needed a laugh or something.
  • Dido – Here With Me } I thought it was raining, but obviously it wasn’t.
  • Bronski Beat – Why } Ahah this was my attempt at a workout session.

On the other hand, here are the newish bands & artists we Airboy Heart and that deserved a credit on the blog :

Voili voilou. This was todays post.

  1. Hey, just wanted to see how this site worked out on the iPod touch, I must say I’m pretty impressed.

    Then you crapped on Muse 🙁 LOL

  2. eheh glad someone took the time to check out the iPhone version of the blog ! Now Muse. How can I describe the ordeal. What annoys me hugely with Belamy’s singing are the deep breaths he takes between EACH and EVERY verse. It drive me completely coucou. To prove my point I will add a sound clip of what I’m upset with…. and i’ll send it to you. This is how much time Emirates spares me.

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