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I think I have found the worst cover ever performed by the worst artist to have made it to MTV, to mankinds despare. It’s 4 minutes and 27 seconds of pure agony, the kinda sound that comes across as pain, the kind of track you’d only play to get your barking dog to shut it and stay quiet, you know. It actually sounds like he’s giving birth to a donkey and singing at the same time. If you get the visuals, you’ll understand what I’m trying to say. The murderer is named Chris Cornell, a shitious American amateur rock musician best known as the lead singer and songwriter for rock bands Soundgarden (oh God, I can remember how bad this band was, I was only 12 at the time and still in my Ace Of Base period) and Audioslave (slightly better but still light years away from the worst Eurovision winner). And this fella thought it would be a cool idea to cover the one and only King Of Pop. The Almighty “Billie Jean” gets slaughtered big time by Cornell’s awful, gutural vocals and his approximate acoustic guitar work. It sounds like he wants to impress his audience here (a bunch of fustrated swedish tween groupies payed to attend his unplugged jam session). Only thinking of his performance gives me the goosebumps – in a hyper-bad way. Should I publicize his rendition or should I just carry on with what I like best ? Ok I need to make my point here so I’m gonna share this track with you. And if you’re a Chris Cornell fan, GO HIDE NOW or if brave enough, you can leave a comment/reaction/hatemail in the comment section below with your name and email so I can respond…

[audio:http://240plan.ovh.net/~redcandy/airboy/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/06-billie-jean-michael-jackson-cover.mp3] Chris Cornell – Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover)

  1. A beatiful song made even more beautiful by one of the best rock n roll singers ever..
    even though I usually like what you post here and your taste in music, this entry completely exposes your lack of musical understanding.

  2. You like some music and some you don’t. If Chris Cornell is shite, then Kurt Cobain certainly has to be shite. Grunge has to be shite. But sometimes even shite, a sick big fat lump, looks good when theres just red roses all around for miles.

    It’s like that famous saying in punk rock. Here’s one chord. Now here’s another. Now form a band. And sometimes that’s just what people want. And sometimes that’s just what some people hate. And the debate will go on among the disses…

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