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I HEART CLUB SODA ! Fresh, always on point and always ready to deliver smiles. From Brazil, where else really…

Club Soda is Marcos Efe and Nando Feitosa, a duo from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Both began playing together in early 2009 and they sound is influenced by the French Touch movement from the 90’s, Chicago House, a lot of 70’s Disco Music and a little bit of 80’s Synth Pop.

Members of one of the most important electronic music parties crew in Sao Paulo, called Bang! which happens monthly, Club Soda has performed in the best venues in Brazil.

They already have shared the booth with great names of worldwide and Brazilian electronic music such as Alan Braxe, Kris Menace, Louis La Roche, Moullinex, Xinobi, Punks Jump Up, GRUM, French Horn Rebellion, The Phantom’s Revenge, Database, The Twelve’s, Killer on The Dancefloor, Mixhell and Boss in Drama.

Now Club Soda belongs to cast of Kris Menace’s label Work it Baby and they are owners of the Brazilian digital indie label Bang! Records.

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