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A rough-and-tumble indie-rock outfit from Charleston, SC (USA). Brave Baby churns out some pretty cool tunes. Band members Ryan Patrick Zimmerman, Keon Masters, Christian Chidester and Jordan Hicks came together at a seance and they asked them to play. It turned out alright as the Twitter bio suggest. Indeed it did. Here’s two tracks you can take home :

In 2011, Brave Baby began recording what would eventually become their debut album “Forty Bells” in Zimmerman’s storage unit turned cozy intimate recording studio where the band spends most of their time. “Forty Bells” features Masters’ lyrics uncover the feelings we have long lost but not forgotten about our parents, our childhood, and our early encounters with love, all delivered with an uncanny urgency that is hard to shake. Guitar work by Chidester reaches for the atmosphere while being anchored by Zimmerman’s solid propulsive timekeeping and colorful production work.

Stream or Buy their album “Forty Bells” :

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