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Originally from Iowa, now living and based out of Chicago, we have the immense pleasure of presenting you to the newest singer/songwriter sensation on the american alternative-pop and R&B scene. SKYLR drops “Devil” her debut track and it’s a banger you probably do not want to miss. Like BANKS and other contemporaries before her, she understands the importance of production values. The instrumentals bringing her vocal performance forward are some of the smoothest we’ve heard in a while. SKYLR has a self-titled EP in the works and we’re excited for her music. She’s been preparing some real nice stuff for the coming weeks including a video. Listen, enjoy and spin “Devil”…

Here’s what she had to say about “Devil” :

My first single, ‘Devil’, is one that is very special to me – one that started as a two page poem and a simple chord progression on piano. I was inspired to write ‘Devil’ after finishing Erik Larson’s novel, Devil in the White City.  I found a lot of unexpected parallels to my own life and relationships in his writing. The song is about a girl who feels inescapably connected to a man that feels nothing for her in return. A mad love story. While she knows that her love for him will be the death of her, she’s still not willing to let it go. But it’s more than just a twisted tale of love, it’s about the never-ending battle within all of us between good and evil.

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