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At a dinner last night with two close friends, I was singled out harshly for not following up on artist I had featured in the past. Here’s my answer. WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG ! I do not follow trends, I follow my gut feeling about such and such tracks. Please do pay more attention when you want to corner me. And whatever you want to say, use valid arguments. However I’ll take the critiscm constructively and maybe follow-up a little more than usual if that’s what people want ?? (express yourselves in the comment section)…

So with that said, I follow up on Fictonian, another artist from the UK we’ve already featured previously on sodwee.com with the superb psychedelic track “Full Circle Influence” he dropped at the beginning of September.

Today however, it is with “Double Negative” that the mysterious Englishman returns to our great excitement. Add to that the fact that it was premiered on La Blogothèque complete with a video makes for a trusted source for dollops of awesomeness, check out the flip-book illustrated video below.

All in all, turns out, Fictonian will certainly be counted amongst the artists to watch for 2015…  He’s on the right path, that’s for sure…

Animated & Directed by Annie Kruntcheva
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Fictonian - Double Negative - sodwee.com

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