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It’s been a long time brewing. But it’s finally here. And in full free downloadable mode too. Buckamore, the guy behind the track “I Got A Woman”, remixed (available on this Nocturnal EP) has dropped some fantastic tunes yet again.

From Houston, Texas, Buckamore aka Michael Arbizu swiftly enters your insomnia-induced nights with his soothing hip-hop voice, along with brilliantly crafted productions to back the lyrics. We absolutely fell in love with his Nocturnal EP. Part of  the blame was to put on the fact it came at a time where hours seemed so short, we’d get to bed so late/early in the morning and we’d have discussions with Buckamore on aside ranging spectrum of musical topics. We had already featured “I Got A Woman” in one of our Sundaze before, but we were longing for more to be honest. More “late night” material. And we got served, totally served with this great easy flowing EP that screams for chamomile infusion, tucked in bed while the world outside shivers to the cold settling in…..

This EP is best heard between 2am and 4am, when your eyes start closing, when yawning becomes recurrent, warning you of an incoming forced landing on that bed of yours. The track list rolls out as, and the two last tracks are our favorites so far after the 8th listen :

  1. In Heaven
  2. Places
  3. I Got A Woman (ft. Kam Franklin)
  4. Strangers
  5. Flames
  6. When It’s All Over

You can DOWNLOAD the whole Nocturnal EP for free here and make sure you follow Buckamore on his various social profiles, detailed at the end of this post, past the pictures.

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Buckamore - Nocturnal - sodwee.com


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