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It’s an honor to see young, talented and inspired artists come through with new material. We’ve been on Buckamore‘s back for quite some time now, he even made it into our widely publicized #Flashmoblogging effort back in mid-2013 thanks to the Moosetache Blog

Here’s what we wrote back in Ocotber 2014 about his previous ‘Nocturnal’ EP :

From Houston, Texas, Buckamore aka Michael Arbizu swiftly enters your insomnia-induced nights with his soothing hip-hop voice, along with brilliantly crafted productions to back the lyrics. We absolutely fell in love with his ‘Nocturnal’ EP. Part of the blame was to put on the fact it came at a time where hours seemed so short, we’d get to bed so late/early in the morning and we’d have discussions with Buckamore on a wide ranging spectrum of musical topics. We had already featured “I Got A Woman” in one of our Sundaze before, but we were longing for more to be honest. More “late night” material. And we got served, totally served with this great easy flowing EP that screams for a chamomile infusion, tucked in bed while the world outside shivers to the cold settling in…..

But after going back to the studio, getting a string of live shows under his belt the Houston, TX native decided he had more to offer. Winter weather, long nights helping… He managed to squeeze every ounce of creativity into his project. Resulting in a real wonder. Here’s his take on Ibeyi‘s totally awesome “River” track off the upcoming album due out in a week or so via XL recordings.

It was crafted with the help of Bosstone on production duties and features Kam Franklin alongside the recognizable Buckamore vocal signature. Listen above. And keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the release ! Get excited.

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