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From Russia, with love this time around. Moscillate got in touch with us via our contact page… Lo and behold it didn’t take long for us to be convinced this guys had something extra to offer. “Feel The Same” was the track he’d put forward for us to feature, but we couldn’t help but dig a little further and display our favorite tracks from his Soundcloud profile. Moscillate hails from Nizhny Tagil in Russia, unusually flattering for a blogger like myself to get suggestions from so far away…So thanks again Max for the email and readership.

Max describes his music as warm “vibrations of sound waves” which might sound just a little too simplistic for what he’s trying to convey here. It’s a little more than that. But we’d describe his music has the perfect background music for your chill sessions after a long work day, something to unwind to in fact. Before heading back out again.

Of course, dive head first into his music and start following his online profiles too. As we’re pretty sure he’ll be picked up sooner or later by influential talent scouts and start rising higher than he can think of !

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