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You cannot go about your Monday without listening to this stunning new floor filler by Salt Ashes aka Veiga Sanchez. Some dark-disco extravaganza fit for anytime of the day ! But more specifically the tender sweet craziness of your favorite nightspot.

There’s clear intention of a Moroder-like craft here. With a brooding vocals to boot akin to Kate Bush’s or Madonna’s… It’s all new territory for Salt Ashes, complete with dark electronics and a very club-oriented sound.

Brighton based Salt Ashes is the stage-name of 24 year old Veiga Sanchez. She loves disco and has a soft-corner for everything Studio 54 in New York has put forward. Despite her young age that is.

Veiga has spent the last few months writing and recording with electronic artists like Applebottom (Black Butter Records), My Digital Enemy (Zulu Records). Before concentrating on her next move. You see the result here. It’s a winner.

On ‘”Raided”’, Veiga says: “

A friend took me to an underground club in Berlin that reminded me of Warhol’s ‘Factory’. Everyone seemed to be escaping the outside world, hiding whatever secret or story they had. I became fascinated by them and tried to imagine what their real stories were which lead me to write Raided

Raided‘ will be released later this Spring on Radikal Records.

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