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I stumbled miraculously on FORINT halfway through last night. And really glad I did. This London two-piece band have put out two absolutely mind-blowing pieces of music so far. A single line email said it all it it was just enough (usually you get a whole diatribe of text, but this was just perfect, we thank them for their succinct approach :

FORINT - Prisoner - Sodwee.com

Currently based out of Manchester, but can also be called Londoners apparently. This duo is still in its infancy, having formed in 2014 from what I gan gather from the internets. FORINT it is. Very slow paced music for fans of brilliant guitar placement and and Jeff Buckleyesque voice to top things off nicely. Give them two tracks to win you over. Be in the appropriate mood to listen : a late winter night, you just got off your chauffeured ride from the heart of the Red Light District (Pigalle) in Paris, and you’ve just spent a really productive day, you get to pickup Mum at the airport, and then go on to meet some old time friends to celebrate a life turning point in ones career path/life. Your first Uber ride home (free) and you have these two tracks to accommodate the perfect commuting soundtrack (in a comfortable, clean and awesomely quiet car. Utter, Uber-luxury)…

Take a listen right now, you’ll get my point. The guitar on both “Prisoner” and “Track-01” will leave you drooling for more…

There’s not much else to munch on, but they should soon come back with more me think !

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