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Quick, swift, and totally random post about a freshly baked band based in the UK called Loose Meat, that have just dropped their debut “Inside The Sun” on Soundcloud, and reached out to our inbox for a listen. The pair (from what I can decipher on the band shot at least).

Playing inside the sun
Is all I ever wanted
To be inside the sun
Chasing down the sun

A lighthearted poetic track with some stylish synth lines morphing into an all-out, no-BS, indie festival anthem. With allured disco influences shining through towards the end of the song for good measure. This is definitely a huge debut track for a recently born band. We do not know anymore more, but rest assured, we’ll be following them and their every move over the next few months… You can now follow their Soundcloud and Twitter profiles to learn more, in real time.



Follow Loose Meat on : Twitter | Soundcloud


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