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We’ll forgive you if you thought Kanye West was playing in the background, because that was exactly the reaction we had upon hearing Littlebabyangel‘s clever two tracks that really mimics some parts of “Black Skinhead” by K-West, we thought. However, as I got deeper into the HTML Inspector of my browser (yeah, it’s a secret weapon I got, to know just a little more about some artists…) I came across a few names : Black Atlass from Montreal is the rising R&B newcomer of the year collaborating with video director Cameron Morse (and Scott Pilgrim ??) and a creative studio named Geneviève (acronym for Littlebabyangel) in other words, a phenomenon fit for stadiums and of course our Street-Credibility chart… and experimental HTML5 video cravings of course.

– Tu viendras à la fête de Benoit ?
– Je sais pas encore, ses parents lui laisse un appartement vide…
– Ouais.. Bah j’sais pas…
– Normalement Etienne sera là…

We absolutely dig “@Cartier” for the same reasons we loved “Black Skinhead” in the past. It has that power to drive those raw emotions buried way down in you to the surface, leaving a sentiment of wanting to know more. And they have managed that brilliantly : upping the anti, where a Kanye had left them. Get to know the Hudson Mohawke supporting act and be ready for a tidal wave of devoted internet followers. These videos will have you hooked :

[button content=”See Genevieve Video” color=”black” text=”white” url=”http://genevieve.littlebabyangel.com/” openin=”_blank”] [button content=”See @cartier Video” color=”black” text=”white” url=”http://cartier.littlebabyangel.com/” openin=”_blank”]

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