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Buy Junk Son's EP here
Buy Junk Son’s EP here

Who would have thought ants, yup the creepy crawling ANTS, could spark inspiration for a song ? Well John Dunk, Junk Son‘s civil name just did, and proved it can be done in such a compelling way at the same time. Not only that, the South Londoner manages to secure a warm snug spot on 37 Adventures’ roster of street-credible acts alongside vocal powerhouse JONES, Kkrum and the ever on point Royce Wood Junior to name a few.

Today (3rd Of June), and via 37 Adventures, the Briton unleashes his debut self-titled four-track EP after teasing the world with a steady mix of live shows, remixes, and the contents of his newly baked EP

Junk Son and his band have just returned from performing live dates in Paris and London in support of The Invisible, alongside an appearance in Komedia Bar at The Great Escape Festival this year. It seems all the stars have aligned for John Dunk and his otherworldly project… You must also check out the stunning cover of “Breathless” originally by Gwilym Gold available further down within the EP playlist player we’ve conveniently added for you.

Now about “Crawl”. The track itself straight away reminded me of the feature documentary/film “Microcosmos” that was awarded at Cannes in 1996. I strongly recommend if you haven’t seen it yet by the way. It well also help illustrate the track and my point.

A documentary of insect life in meadows and ponds, using incredible close-ups, slow motion, and time-lapse photography. It includes bees collecting nectar, ladybugs eating mites, snails mating, spiders wrapping their catch, a scarab beetle relentlessly pushing its ball of dung uphill, endless lines of caterpillars, an underwater spider creating an air bubble to live in, and a mosquito hatching.

Junk Son manages to incorporate luscious elements, turning the track into a firework of intricate sounds clashing against one another, complementing each other and resulting in this sonically brilliant 3.40 minutes of pure marvel, panoramic and soaring vocals atop the instrumental turn it into a vividly organic moment. It’s to be tried, no really it is EPICNESS in motion.

Listen to the EP in full below :

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