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In a whirlwind of layered synth, vocal distortion and jazz vibes, Peachboys’ “Indescribable” masters Black Atlass  ‘s sexy components and James Blake‘s emotional weight. We’re talking about the stomach-pit drop feeling of when a relationship ends and all you’re left with is a million words to describe and re-describe the past. “Indescribable” is like speeding through the stages of loss. You flip through chapters titled Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance before cycling back to the beginning.

It’s also unknown if Peachboys is active or not. One YouTube video from 2015 showcases a dreamy Disclosure vibe that would be a hit now.

So perhaps the stages of loss are applicable here.

But back to the track: What really lured us into this track were the vocals. Whoever the vocalist behind Peachboys is has a husky undertone that teeters the line between monotone and emotional. Pair that voice with atmospheric drops and “Indescribable” drowns you.

Nine months old isn’t new, but with under 2,000 plays, “Indescribable” by Canadian duo Peachboys is a hidden gem. Stop looking for words you can’t find and listen to “Indescribable” on repeat.

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