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Hey there people, just a real quick post to let you indulge in some of the finest beats produced by no other than KAYTRANADA himself ! Plenty of exclusive tunes, unreleased and available for free. Get your street-credibility gauge going through the roof with this complete and absolutely amazing set of track below. Kaytra Thomas (his real name) is from Montreal, Canada and has released many awesome tunes in the recent past, check out his Soundcloud profile to assess the damage and subsequent songs that have filtered through his golden fingers. He’s a beat wizard. Here’s plenty more, feel free to download…

[title subtitle=”by Kaytranada”]Whatever (track bundle)[/title]

Kaytranada & IAMNOBODI

Expect a lot more of Kaytranada over the summer as he’ll be releasing an EP on XL Recordings with plenty of surprises. Notably a couple featurings like Kareem Riggins, Reva DeVito , and an unknown artist as of yet named Shay Lia and also Vic Mensa… So stay tuned and start following his online estates if you haven’t yet… Cause he’s gonna make waves !

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