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Since forming two years ago Gleneagle has devoted the entirety of their time to recording, independently releasing, and touring their music. Hailing from British Columbia the band has taken their live show on the road. This has included four western Canadian tours, with last summer’s concluding with a spot earned at Squamish Valley Music festival.

Their new EP was recorded with acclaimed BC producer Ryan Worsley and is a refined progression of the guitar driven alt-country indie rock present on their previous work. ‘I Need Something Now’ is the lead single from that EP and encompasses the band’s sonic fingerprint. The hook is infectious, it’ll stick like glue and the instrumentation is refined. Mixed to perfection, Gleneagle‘s songwriting ambition is matched toe-for-toe by their attention to detail.

“We wanted to make something that really drew directly from our biggest influences,” describes frontman Jackson Gardner, “but is totally modern and fresh sounding. We want listeners to hear us as something new, but still notice and appreciate how artists like Bruce Springsteen and the Replacements shaped this song,” 

“We’re excited to see where our first official release takes us. Our tour in September is the biggest we’ve ever attempted, we’re anxious to expand ourselves into the music scenes in Toronto and Montreal. After that, we just want to get home and start recording again. We’ve grown a lot since we finished the EP, and really want to push forward with new releases in 2017.”

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