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From Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, comes a clever combination of atypical electro-pop sounds from fourtet Oh Thunder. They deliver some pretty smooth sounds with the help of an harp, synths, trombone and of course drums. Band members are Rosalie Wammes on lead vocals and the harp, Oliver Emmitt on trombone, Patrick Rugebregt on synth and finally Willem van der Krabben on the drums.

They have recently released the first single “Who R U”  from their forthcoming EP which was produced by BINKBEATS and set to drop in the fall of this year. We liked the fresh and upbeat take here with a catchy chorus and colorful melody… Take a listen for yourselves and get familiar with the band as they have more in the pipeline.

[infobox maintitle=”OH THUNDER LIVE IN FRANCE” subtitle=”28th July 2017 at Châlons-En-Champagne (click for more info)” bg=”pink” color=”white” opacity=”off” space=”50″ link=”http://www.musiques-ici-ailleurs.com/oh-thunder/”]

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