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Reporting from the heart of Noisy-Le-Sec, a North-Eastern Parisian suburb commonly known as “le neuf-trois“, is fast becoming a blossoming hotbed for forward thinking production collectives and the interesting urban background for radically different approaches to music. Proven eloquently this time around with the work of Dame Civile and others before them like the seemingly new Ex-Ile (another duo formerly known as Hermes Baby that we previously covered here way back when. However, they decided to change name without notice so all the Soundcloud players and Youtube videos simply vanished… Rendering our efforts as a passionate blogger absolutely useless).

Anyway, this new French brotherly duo burst onto the scene with a four-track EP simply named “0” (zero) and with lead single such as “Maïa” setting the tone to the rest of the tracks on this EP and hopefully a subsequent full-fledged album after that.

Dame Civile – Maïa

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The delivery remains somber and evocative, never going over the top or sounding too tacky. Dame Civile manage a high-wire balancing act on this EP blending cleverly written French lyrics, brooding vocals and the sharp, well produced lushness of the electronic instrumental beats in the background. Again proving once again, that you can be proud of singing in your native language (in this case in French) and still be a great export beyond your own borders. Just like Fishbach proved so well earlier this year in a different genre altogether.

Dame Civile – Dolla

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Dame Civile – D’or

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It’s hard to predict how an act will perform internationally. It boils down to way too many factors to even start betting on it. But I’m sure with a little motivation, dedication and some great entourage, Dame Civile will no doubt manage it very well. It’s the kind of act I can totally picture opening for someone like Christine & The Queens abroad. Or even take charge of the Music direction of some high-profile runway show in the coming year as I hear the brothers are equally interested by the Fashion and Haute-Couture realm and its creative underbelly…

In short, it’s a great addition to the already wide range of flavors the bursting French scene has to offer in quality music. Expect a lot more from Dame Civile in the coming months. Purchase their EP-0 today as it hits all the major platforms… Watch the “Maïa” video above and the rest of the tracks below:

Dame Civile – Maïa (Version Additionelle)

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