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This sweltering heat in the middle of October got me looking for indian summer feelgood tracks. And lo and behold, I come across this little refreshing golden nugget of a track by Secret American in the name of “Warmth & Shelter”. Not exactly the title we’d be asking for in this 26°C heat (that’s 78.8°F for you dear American readers). However, we did find this light gem with plenty of interesting influences from The Beach Boys blended into a Foxygen slash The Kinks hybrid served with a sprinkling of Philadelphia’s Alternative quirkiness. Or has Derek Krzywicki puts it so elegantly:

Layers California country landscapes from the seat of an overhead Septa Train

There’s also a few other tracks to his name I’ve added the one extra one for you to indulge in (in the PASSPORT section further down). Make sure this guys gets the follows he deserves. We’re pretty sure there’s plenty more coming from his creative bursts soon. If you also happen to be in is area when he tours, get to see him. I’m sure he puts a good show, judging by the pictures…

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