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Auðunn Lúthersson also known as Auður (pronounced: Author) isn’t so much a newcomer to the Icelandic music scene. In fact, he has already released is debut EP ‘Alone’ back in February to roaring acclaim. Today he’s back with the amazing video and track for “I’d Love” and we couldn’t pass the opportunity to showcase the brilliance he’s pouring into our earholes along with a massively interesting video. He self-directed the video, drawing inspiration from Birdman and Christopher Nolan, the one-shot video takes place in a lightly lit hotel room as Auður sings, dances and tastefully shows off his crazy good spanish guitar playing skills.

It seems you are that open type
Type that tries out something new

Auður teamed up with South African producer Selfir during a session for Red Bull Music Academy in Montréal. The pair wrote the genre-bending track your hear today. Auður was awarded best newcomer at the Icelandic Music awards in 2017 and his set to take the world by storm if he carries on dropping killer tracks like that! “I’d Love” is one of those tracks that will stick around and haunt your day and the next. It’s so well done.

Auður started performing with Icelandic hardcore and noise-rock bands. It’s not until he witnessed James Blake at Sónar in 2013 that he reinvented himself under the pseudonym AUÐUR, and switched over to electronic music and dropped his debut album, Alone, at the beginning of February for our pleasure of course… Check out “I’d Love” below via Soundcloud or above with the video in question. Make sure you keep a close eye on the man as he rises to the top. It’s fantastic music…

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