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We dug the calm unrest emanating from Los Angeles band Houses‘ lead single ‘Fast Talk’ off his upcoming EP ‘Drugstore Heaven’ out via Downtown Records on September 28th. The track features angelic vocals from Megan Messina, a longtime friend and collaborator of Dexter Tortoriello.

A song depicting lost friends, lost friendships to hard drugs and death. Relationships built from the producer/songwriter’s late teens and an inspirational source for the track’s brilliant lyrics.

So if you're guilty and you know it put your hands up
Cause karma's just a different word for bad luck
And what it death is another pair of hand-cuffs
Then we better run, then we better run

Made of hazy rhythms, chopped breakbeats and delightful percussions from instruments such as timpani and glockenspiel, resulting in an elevated artistic proposition here. Houses definitely hit the nail on the head here with “Fast Talk”.

That song is meant to be a memorial for a group of friends I had back in my late teens. Thematically it’s almost like a ballet where you keep driving around the same blocks, and people start disappearing from the car because they’re going to jail or dying.”

explains Dexter Tortoriello

Dexter Tortoriello shouldn’t be a complete stranger to most, he’s one of those very prolific producer / songwriter and has worked on many different projects including producing stints Mad Decent, writing for Lil Yachty, Ryan Hemsworth and many others. However, the release of ‘Drugstore Heaven’ EP signals a new direction for Tortoriello and his songwriting and producing style. Bringing a very personal touch to the final result and investing a lot more of his emotions into the project as he explains:

“All of the Houses material to date has been very escapist. I’ve focused my efforts over the last few years on building and reinforcing things I don’t wish to escape from: relationships, groups, creative outlets, ideas, workflows. I found a much deeper type of freedom in taking ownership over my life and committing myself to really living it.”


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