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WAYI, pronounced wa-yee, is releasing her second single “Temporary” this end-of-August. A chance to witness her rise through the back-to-school clutter we’re all subject to.

After collaborating and lending her sultry, R&B voice to soulful tracks by TheColorGrey and K1D, the 25-year-old Belgian singer-songwriter launched her solo career earlier in the year with “The Way I Am” (listen further down in PASSPORT section). She’s back today with a languid ballad that will please every heart-broken soul out there after the summer break. The wonderful people over at Weird !s Good record label have taken this blossoming artist to new heights it seems. And we cannot wait to see hear art flourish further.

For her newest single “Temporary”, WAYI goes back to essentials and opens up about the jealous moment she experienced, coming to terms with the end of a relationship and displaying it beautifully for all to listen to in a soft ballad we totally dug at the first listen and a good teaser of what is to come in the EP she’s about to release at the end of September.

Everyone must have had a broken heart once in a lifetime. After you “heal” from it, you realise that life is too short; that there are actually worse things happening in the world and that you shouldn’t be crying over that person. Still… at times, you find yourself struggling between letting go and being jealous that he has moved on with someone else.

Says WAYI about the track.

“Temporary” is the second track off WAYI‘s upcoming project. A debut EP  showcasing five tracks all written by herself and wonderfully produced by James Lowland. Titled ‘Love in Progress’, the debut EP is expected to be dropping at the end of September. Just in time for the ultimate holiday breakup soundtrack you desperately needed.


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