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The Night is a 6-piece band from Sydney, Australia, and they’re at the top of their game when they play bring out these devastatingly good vocal harmonies and lush instrumentation. The outfit likes their sound rather loud, diverse and gritty. They’d happily describe their music as post-pop, post-rock or just post 2017 but really can’t make up their minds. I definitely enjoyed the track they recently submitted to the blog and couldn’t resist sharing it here:

I was returning home one night one morning. Enjoying the distinct musky Parisian street smell after a rain shower. Just before sunrise back from another night out on the town and “Try Not To Make A Mess” came through whilst I was sifting through tracks I could listen to for that particular moment. Lo & Behold, it suited the moment just perfectly.

Follow The Night and their musing over at their social estates. These guys are onto something rather big. Listen to their whole new album via their website here: 

Spearheaded by mastered hooks, and devastating guitar melodies, overlapping patterns and sizzling climaxes both in the instrumentation and vocal delivery. It’s a 2018 sonic peplum to indulge in without any moderation. “Try Not To Make A Mess” delivers on its promise by pushing the listener in doing completely the opposite. 

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