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Hip-hop outfit from Anaheim, CA, Famoso & Lafleur, are a duo comprised of locally grown musicians/rappers, Bob Famoso and Niko Lafleur who’ve been downloading instrumentals, rapping over them with a $15 dollar mic from Radio Shack since Junior High.

After four years on hold from creating music, we believe Famoso & Lafleur have made the right decision pertaining to the follow up to their debut EP. This time around, a complete full-length album titled ‘Styles & Tribulations’ has graced our speaker system. Through a blend of Lafleurs’ chilled beat making and brilliantly topped with Famoso’s joyful lyrics and delivery, the album takes you right back to the golden days of the 80’s & 90’s West Coast hip-hop movement.

We specifically enjoyed the “Travis Bickle” track for its lyrics and production value. Take a listen via Soundcloud or Bandcamp. And put the rest of your precious time to good use by spinning/buying the rest of their album on either platform.

The track “Travis Bickle” is off Famoso & Lafleur’s debut album ‘Styles & Tribulations’ available everywhere including Bandcamp.


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