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When an established brand like Kitsuné Musique decides to push talent they’ve found here on Sodwee.com, we’re all for it. We have no problems with it except maybe for a little pat on the back here or there would go a long way and help us bloggers “validate” our work and encourage us to dig further for new talent and exciting artists out there. Although I might have just burned that very bridge here with my thoughts, it’s something that I hope you guys understand out there. We bloggers spend a ludicrous amount of time everyday sifting through the good, the bad and the ugly to serve you what we believe deserves more of your attention. Sometimes we might be wrong and that’s just expected and part of the game. But most often than not, we simply stick to our taste and compile a rather compelling editorial. And getting recognition for it just consolidates our belief that we must continue this hobby of ours. Curating music for ourselves, first and foremost, and for others by blogging about what we find.

And encouragement we all need. If you find something you like here or on any other blog for that matter, please, do like / share the article around, tweet, retweet or follow us on socials. It goes a heck of a long way and reaches our frail little blogger hearts. You have NO IDEA.

You could also go the extra mile and HIRE ME for your A&R, talent scouting needs. Throwing that tidbit out there let’s see what sticks…

Parisian fashion house known for their fox printed garments and recent collaborations with brands like Eastpak, Reebok, NBA and many others, has a sister record label that will sign singles from various artists to promote and diversify their reach to build a sound signature they can then play throughout their chain of stores, boutiques, cafés and fashion oriented events worldwide.

We blogged about NIGHTMØDE a while ago, introducing Matt Kass to our readers with his debut track “Penthouse Refugees” (listen to track in PASSPORT section) we then wrote “A track that is full to the rafters with texture, dynamic, modern and earwormy arrangements. NIGHTMØDE is a sure hit”. This also rings true for his second single “The Pressure” just recently released. Listen for yourself instead, below:

“The Pressure” is the 2nd single from the NIGHTMØDE, the personal project of Nashville based Producer/Writer Matt Kass. It was released via French record label Kitsuné Musique on February 1st, 2019.


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