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Adrian Galvin, previously from Yellerkin and Walk The Moon fame has had a solo project for a while now named Yoke Lore. We covered an early track from his here. Today we wanted to check on his progress and found that he’s dropping a brand new track called “Safe And Sound” to the world. Galvin trades his usual electronic sounds for a more organic departure and bringing in arrangements of piano, horns, and strings to the mix. And “Safe and Sound” is the quintessential embodiment of such. The track is a startling observation on the changing roles relationships plays in our times.

For fans of Panda Bear, M83’s soulful beats and a modernist pop akin to Blackbird Blackbird.

Speaking about ‘Safe and Sound’ Galvin explains:

I think there are different times throughout history where relationships have meant different things. In the Stone Age, they meant survival. In the Victorian era, they meant politics. And I think part of what they mean in our era is refuge. A bright spot of intimacy in an otherwise intricate web of depersonalization and the mass casual insincerity among daily interactions. Olly Olly Oxen Free.”

‘Safe and Sound’ is out May 14thon Yellhouse Records and ‘Meditations EP’ due out on June 14th


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